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I became an entrepreneur after setbacks pursuing a career as a racing driver. In 2008 I entered and won a talent search for a future Formula One driver, via an Esports competition. It was due to be televised and the prize was a full season in Formula BMW the following year. But as the competition ended, F1's television rights were sold to a new company that cancelled the TV show. With that move, funding for the competition vanished overnight along with the prize. Being the time of the financial crisis, there were few other opportunities.

Racing simulators presented an affordable outlet for my passion, where I went on to found the Esports team '3ID Motorsport', winning multiple championships on various racing simulators, including the iRacing World Championship in 2011. It rebranded in 2013 and transitioned to new management and remains one of the dominant sim racing outfits to this day.

Around the same time, I started pursuing my passion for technology as an entrepreneur, phasing out my active involvement in racing, I founded iGP Games and developed the game iGP Manager. First available in 2011 as a browser game, iGP Manager launched in to the app stores in 2017, growing rapidly ever since and becoming an industry leader in its category. Endorsed by the likes of NASCAR's Dale Earnhardt Junior, iGP Manager now has over 2 million players worldwide.

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Email: jack@igpgames.com